Year of Composition: 2020

Duration: 4'

Voicing/Instrumentation: SSAA div.

Available Versions: -

About the piece: When sad, it is incredibly difficult to see the positive outcome of things. Constantly, you get the feeling nothing will ever get better. And then someone important appears, and although the landscape keeps looking blurry, you allow yourself to see the light again. So no matter how bad a day gets, when you are not alone, you get the strenght that is missing sometimes. A friend, a partner, a member of your family, the people whose company allows you to be the best version of yourself, are the ones you should fight to keep close no matter what happens. This piece is about the second when you are in the presence of something so great, that it seems like time itself has frozen, the haze clears and the meaning of some words begins to make sense. A state of ecstasy called by many Stendhal Syndrome, a feeling of being overcome by a profound emotion while being exposed to a beautiful phenomena. Though minimalist in nature, the piece is inspired by opera in the early 20th century, specially the work of Puccini and his ability to color and make one travel the world through his use of sound. For the performance, the transition between vowels and vowels and consonants and vowels must feel morbid, never violent. The only cases in which the choir must coincide completely is when pronouncing the letters t and d. The whole piece is crafted to remind of a wave, the idea is to give the impression of a sound that has been stretched, slowed down to its maximum. Even tough it is mainly crafted by vowels, the work emphasizes in giving the proper depth to every word of the poem. You is marked sweet and tender as if speaking about or to someone loved. Shadows is marked misty because it shows the inner struggle of the speaking person. Light is marked brightly, like firewoks. Ultramarine is always legato, starts piano and gradually grows to forte with every repetition of the motif. It must feel like the whole piece is a big crescendo. The first forte is the entrance of the word light. The meaning is that even tough shadows are strong, light comes even stronger so, in the end, it prevails.

Language: English

Text: You turn my shadows to light

Author: Germán Barboza

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