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Year of Composition: 2018

Duration: 4'

Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB div. unaccompanied

Available Versions: SATB

About the piece: Scarlet (Lux aeterna) is a work composed in memoriam of my former boss, Carlos Regalado, who passed away on January 2018. He was one of the most supportive people when I decided to pursue musical studies as my main path. The text is based on the Latin setting of Lux aeterna and focuses on this specific phrase, which it uses as a mantra: let eternal light shine upon him, Lord. His ideas were sharp and piercing, and the music is aimed to reflect these qualities. The stereo effect in which the melody bounces is designed so the listener feels surrounded by sound and light, scarlet red, a prominent color related to his personality. The piece also reflects how soon life can crumble, like a building falling to pieces. Death hits suddenly and violently. Yet, through our ideas, we can transcend. Anyone who shared Regalado’s road will always carry a part of his teachings. He is alive in every one of us now. The suggested dispositions for the choir during the piece are the ones below. Nevertheless, any combination is posible, making the stereo effect more lively.

Language: Latin

Text: Lux aeterna luceat eis, Domine.

Author: Sacred

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