Dedicated to Jorge Luis,
the owner of all colors


Year of Composition: 2017

Duration: 16'

Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB div. unaccompanied

Available Versions: SATB (24 parts) + solo, SATB (8 parts) + solo

About the piece: Cromosaturación is a composition for unaccompanied mixed choir (with divisi), based in an original programmatic argument inspired by the path through the chamber of Chromosaturation by French Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez. The work originates as a motor in the search of color in a grayscale world.
Cromosaturación is divided into five sections, each one corresponding to a color:
Black works as a prelude. Here are shown the events preceding the entrance into the color chamber. It corresponds to the saturation produced by external elements that derives in the collapse of the protagonist.
Green is the first color of the chamber. It represents the contemplation of nature in all its extension.
Red is the most pervasive and dense color of the chamber. It reflects all human passions.
Blue manifests the most painful emotions in the protagonist and his final surrender and submersion into the sea of color. It is the most heartrending episode of the piece.
White, the mix of all colors of light, is the epilogue of the composition. It is the rebirth of the protagonist and the perception of the world outside the chamber with a renewed vision.

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